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Make all your links into ones. Modify your own page as you like, then share it everywhere you like. Instagram link, your blogs, vlog channels, or even your online shop. Sign up now, start grabbing more followers and likes. Anywhere, anytime without hassle even when you are having your holiday.

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GDSlink is easy tools micro page to launch anytype of your content link, video, blog, recipe, song lyrics, writings, website, or even your shop on marketplace. And share it everywhere


You can add and arrange your links as many as you like very and very simple. From your social media links, your polling links, portfolio links, your event links detail, your singing collection on soundcloud or youtube vlog, your online shop on the markeplace, or your curiculum vitae link, and so on. You can set up all of these as easy as making instant coffee.

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Customize your page looks by choosing the button color, or the default theme on the page settings menu. There are some different color to choose. You can also customize your GDSlink user links as you like. You can also set up your page whether you want it for temporary disabled.

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